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Abstract Submission Deadline

Jan 31(Wed), 2024

Pre-registration Deadline

April 9(Tue), 2024

Acceptance Notice

Feb 14(Wed), 2024

  • Hidenori Arai

    Hidenori Arai

    National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology, Japan

    "Implication of Sarcopenia in Cardiometabolic Health"

  • William Boisvert

    William Boisvert

    University of Hawaii School of Medicine, USA

    "Vascular Lipid Metabolism in Atherosclerosis"

  • Xian Wu Cheng

    Xian Wu Cheng

    Yanbian University Hospital, China

    "Cross-sectional Analysis of AMI Patients of Korea and Chinese"

  • Seung Hwan Han

    Seung Hwan Han

    Gachon University, Korea

    "Beyond the Myths: The Realities of HyperTG on Cardiovascular Outcomes"

  • Yu Huang

    Yu Huang

    City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China

    "Vaso-protection of PPARs Activation in Cardio-metabolic Disease"

  • Sang-Ho Jo

    Sang-Ho Jo

    Hallym University, Korea

    "Ischemia, Stenosis, Symptoms, and Prognosis: Complexity of Stable Coronary Artery Disease"

  • Pia R. Kamstrup

    Pia R. Kamstrup

    Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark

    "Residual risk: TRL, Remnant Cholesterol, and non-HDLC in ASCVD"

  • Kwang Kon Koh

    Kwang Kon Koh

    Emeritus Professor, Gachon University, Korea

    "Should Dyslipidemia Guidelines Be Changed in Statins Era?"

  • Florian Kronenberg

    Florian Kronenberg

    Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria

    "Lipoprotein(a): an Important Risk Factors for ASCVD on Its Way into Clinical Practice"

  • Faidon Magkos

    Faidon Magkos

    University of Copenhagen, Denmark

    "When Being Lean is not Enough: The Metabolically-unhealthy Normal-weight Phenotype and Cardiometabolic Disease"

  • Goo Taeg Oh

    Goo Taeg Oh

    Ewha Womans University, Korea

    "Oxidative Stress and Cardiovascular Disease: Role of Peroxiredoxins"

  • Ippei Shimizu

    Ippei Shimizu

    National Cerebral and Cardiovascular Center, Japan

    "Senolysis and the Suppression of Senocules become Therapies for Cardiovascular-metabolic Disease"

  • Stephen J. Nicholls

    Stephen J. Nicholls

    Monash Health, Australia

    "Recent Therapeutic Perspectives in Cardiometabolic Disorders: from Lipid and Atherosclerosis to ASCVD"

  • Satoshi Hoshide

    Satoshi Hoshide

    Jichi Medical University School of Medicine, Japan

    "Evidence and Perspective of out-of-office Blood Pressure in Japan"

  • Alice Pik-Shan Kong

    Alice Pik-Shan Kong

    The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR, China

    "Obesity and Sleep Disorders"

  • Xiangqing Kong

    Xiangqing Kong

    The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University

    "Perirenal Adipose Afferent Nerves Sustain Pathological High Blood Pressure in Rats"

  • Akihiro Nomura

    Akihiro Nomura

    Kanazawa University, Japan

    "Digital Therapeutics for Hypertension: Maximizing the Effects of Lifestyle Modification"

  • Akihiro Nomura

    Jianqing She

    First Affiliated Hospital of Xi'an Jiaotong University, China

    "The Function of Gut Microbiota in the Effectiveness and Adverse Effects of Lipid-Lowering Therapies"

Seoul, Korea