Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am Professor Seung-Hwan Han, the new president of the Asia-Pacific CardioMetabolic Syndrome Congress. With the enthusiasm and active participation of renowned faculties and participants from all over the world, the size and quality of our congress has been reached the top class of congress in this field. I would like to announce, the APCMS 2024 (7th Asia-Pacific CardioMetabolic Syndrome) Congress will be held on April 26~27 (Friday and Saturday), 2024 at the Conrad Hotel, Seoul, Korea. The theme is “Revisiting the Basics, Advancing the Science for Cardio-Metabolic Disorders”.

The CardioMetabolic Syndrome (CMS) causes cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, fatty liver disease, calcified valve disease, and dementia. It is prevalent globally and is increasing. The KSCMS study Fact Sheet 2021 (Korean Survey of CardioMetabolic Syndrome) performed by our society, reported that the prevalence of CMS was 22.9% in 2018 in adults aged ≥ 19 years (Huh et al. Cardiometab Syndr J 2021 September;1(2):125-134). The CMS can be prevented through diet, exercise, and intensive control of risk factors.

We hosted APCMS Congress in Seoul from 2018 to 2023. The themes were “Cardio-MetS Asia”, “New Horizons to the CMS”, “Meet the Cutting-Edge Progress in CMS”, “Bringing Innovation to Prevent and Manage CMS” and “Transcendent Insight on Heart and Metabolism”. The APCMS Congress has been successful in both quality and quantity. Many professional representatives- cardiologists, endocrinologists, epidemiologists, family medicine physicians, nutritionists, and sports medicine physicians from over 19 countries have attended. You will be able to see the development and achievements that we will make throughout the years. Indeed, we are performing a prospective registry nationally and publish an international, peer-reviewed journal “CardioMetabolic Syndrome Journal (CMSJ)”. The website is Also, we published a practical guidebook to prevent and manage CMS for both health professionals and patients. We believe the success of this congress is achieved entirely by active participation and contribution from the globe.

The APCMS 2024 consists of educational symposia, joint sessions with overseas societies, and original competition sessions such as oral, mini-oral, young investigator, and poster presentations (honorable certificates and awards). We create the Distinguished Young Investigator Award to acknowledge achievement. We continue to offer a travel grant for overseas colleagues to join APCMS 2024. We definitely welcome you.

Finally, the scientific program and abstract submission are available online, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a secretariat by e-mail at



Seung Hwan Han, M.D., Ph.D.


Korean Society of CardioMetabolic Syndrome (KSCMS)

Asia-Pacific CardioMetabolic Syndrome Congress (APCMS)


Byung Jin Kim, M.D., Ph.D

Scientific Chairperson

Korean Society of CardioMetabolic Syndrome (KSCMS)

Asia-Pacific CardioMetabolic Syndrome Congress (APCMS)